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Dental Implants: FAQ

Dental implants are becoming more and more popular these days, and we can see why. The ability to replace a missing tooth with a brand new one is an attractive concept.

Winter Oral Health Tips

If you get a runny nose this winter, you may be tempted to breathe through your mouth. While we know cold weather wreaks havoc on our lips (let’s just call it “Chapped-Lip Season” instead of winter), breathing through your mouth also triggers sensitivities and other oral health issues! Itchy skin and dry mouth are just […]

Starting the New Year….

So we’ve heard from our patients and read that reviews that we are doing a great job, THANK YOU ALL!  I must say, we also have the BEST PATIENTS and TEAM! I understand and respect that no one is usually excited about coming to the “surgeon’s office” knowing you may not know or understand why you […]