Benefits of Dental Implants in Novi

Why Dental Implants

  • Look as natural and healthy as real teeth
  • Have a record of lasting and effective success
  • Are cleaned and maintained just like real teeth, no more glues or special cleaning products
  • Give you greater stability and functionality, so you can speak,
    and look, better
  • Give you increased bite force and improved chewing performance
  • Maintain, and even strengthen facial bone structure
  • Can improve your overall oral health
  • Leave healthy teeth unaffected, with no need to cut or file down adjacent teeth (as with bridges)
  • Are positioned for proper appearance and establishment of a proper bite
  • Offer improved psychological health
  • Are less expensive, in time and money, over the long-term, than other conventional dental treatments

Effects of Tooth Loss

tooth loss can lead to the loss of facial structure and supportWhen you lose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth take on more biting force; they can drift out of position, crack and crumble. The jaw bone supporting your missing teeth will deteriorate quickly without the natural stimulation of chewing. Your facial features change, collapse and dentures become loose.  In addition, weight gain and health deterioration also occurs as you change to a soft diet.

before and after

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