Immediate Denture Instructions

First Week Following Treatment

Your dentist has provided us with a transitional denture. Dr. Wolf will make minor adjustments to allow placement after removal of your teeth. Generally keep your denture in place, with gauze between your cheek and denture with light pressure to control bleeding and to allow the tissue to adapt to your appliance.

  • Make sure to see your dentist the next day for adjustment of the bite and fit.
  • You will likely see them 2-3 times the first week following surgery:
  • 1st) 24 hours 2nd) 3-4 days 3rd) 7-8 days
  • Do not remove denture for 3-4 days, unless instructed by your dentist; then remove carefully, rinse well with Chlorhexidine
  • Replace Denture after cleaning it with a denture brush, toothpaste and rinsing well.

Removing the denture pre-maturely for long periods of time will interfere with healing and the ability to replace it in the mouth until the swelling goes down.

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