Diagnostic Digital Imaging & X-rays

Announcing our new Digital Imaging Center

Our patients have access to state of the art digital x-rays and tomography. While x-rays from your dentist help us understand your condition, he may recommend additional studies to accurately diagnose your condition and monitor changes throughout treatment.

dental-imaging1Just a few of the benefits include:

  • Radiation cut by more than half
  • Enhanced imaging, sharpness and quality
  • Diagnosing is easier, faster and accurate
  • Immediate images we can e-mail your dentists office on the spot
  • Ability to see pathologic conditions including arterial and vertebral calcifications

Tomography is used for pre-surgical planning of bone width, unlike a conventional Panoramic x-ray which shows us bone height. Low level radiographic “cuts or slices” are taken and dissect the available bone into usable information. In the past many of our patients were sent off site for preoperative CT – Scans.

dental-imaging2Our imaging center now allows us to see the width of your jaw, bone thickness and the location of critical anatomic structures. Your doctor can determine ahead of time if and how much grafting is necessary, and what size implants can be safely placed where you need them. Even better, your radiation exposure is reduced, we don’t have to wait for the results or have our patients go offsite for another x-ray, and wait for the report; we can now have those results instantly.

Feel free to contact our office, if you have any questions or need one of these x-rays. As always, we are here to help all patients achieve their Legacy® smile!

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