TMJ & Bite Therapy

Biting Forces can equal 500 lbs/square inch!

When the jaws close your teeth should come together evenly, at the same time, without any tooth or teeth touching before another. When they don’t touch evenly, this puts stress on your teeth, supporting bone, jaw joints and muscles. Clenching or grinding can magnify this problem.

Signs and symptoms of dysfunction include:

  • Wear, fracture or chipping of teeth
  • Sensitive crevices on teeth or gums
  • Gum and bone recession
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Tender muscles, headaches and noises when you open and close your jaw

Bite guards (often also called night guards) can be useful to protect your dental work, decrease symptoms, allow jaw alignment and act as a guide for your bite adjustment. In severe cases when symptoms persist they are worn even after teeth have been accurately reshaped.

The process of reshaping can include just a few teeth or all teeth. Once completed the reshaped areas are polished, sealed with a fluoride varnish, and checked. After treatment you will notice that your bite is improving when you close together, making you more comfortable.

Our staff can answer any questions you have on how bite therapy can protect your legacy smile.

Is Your Jaw Clicking?

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